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“Dakota Sid comes on with a voice that was rode hard and put away wet. It ain’t pretty, that’s for sure. He sings like he has a corncob stuck in his throat. That’s all right though. This ain’t opera, it’s folk music, and in that context Dakota Sid, his voice, his material and his ethics all seem as genuine as Woody Guthrie sounding off at a labor rally.” Charlie Creekmore, Chico News and Review

“After twenty five years on the road, Dakota Sid could have been a burnout case. Instead, as the years passed, his songs took on a lyrical and emotional honesty that grabs an audience in the gut. His best songs reach across boundaries and draw people together.” Bill Varble, Medford Mail Tribune

“One of the best songwriters I’ve known.  A quiet, intellectual, rowdy!” U. Utah Phillips

The master… what an incredible end to a sweet night of regional music with a nod to this talented singer songwriter we’re blessed to have among us.  And raising big money and consciousness for the homeless as well. Steve Baker  KVMR Nevada City CA. Station Manager

I discovered Sid through Nevada City’s KVMR in the late 80’s.  Here's a man that lives life on his own terms: progressive, stubbornly independent, and always, always watching the world around him.

His songs reveal the depth of his soul & spirit, and his place as the wry observer.

His love and concern for our planet, it’s critters, fellow humans…….and even his old Model A are found in his lyrics.

His classic song, "We Want the Whole Thing Back" is as relevant today as decades ago. "If the Green people ever learn how to vote!" goes round in my head after each and every election. 

Who knows what his next song will say but with Sid’s track record I’m betting it’ll put a smile on my face.

“Wesley Robertson,  KVMR radio, Nevada City, CA